SMART goals

SMART goals Teach For Australia

United States

Learn the power of driving achievement. Every day, teachers are leading classes of young people to make real gains in …

Transferable Teaching Skills

Transferable Teaching Skills Teach First

United States

Build and apply your teaching skills to advocate for student needs

Welcome to our programme! We are so excited to …

Behavioural Economics

Behavioural Economics Standard Bank

United States

See how combining data and psychology helps companies to make decisions and encourage specific behaviour from consumers.

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law Leo Cussen

United States

Experience what it’s really like to be a criminal lawyer by representing a client in a criminal law matter.

Are …

Professional Skills

Professional Skills Discover Financial Services (DFS)

United States

Self reflect your aptitudes, skills, and preferences and how they lend themselves to the corporate world with Discover.

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Excel Skills for Business

Excel Skills for Business Goldman Sachs

United States
Employer Shadows

Goldman Sachs Skills Virtual Experience Program

Global Finance and Business Management

Global Finance and Business Management JPMorgan Chase & Co.

United States
Employer Shadows

Global Finance and Business Management (GF & BM) Virtual Experience Program

Introduction to Business Teams

Introduction to Business Teams Linklaters UK

United States
Employer Shadows

Introduction to Business Teams Virtual Experience Programme